Vulnerable Patients - Safeguarding Children (Level 2)
Vulnerable Patients - Safeguarding Children (Level 2)

Development Outcome: A

Secondary Development Outcome: D

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Safeguarding patients - Level 2

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Course Description


To provide an update on the latest developments within safeguarding children, raising awareness of the nature and scope of 'vulnerability' in the context of healthcare, and consider the effects and consequences of poor oralcare amongst this population.

Learning content

Safeguarding children is a fundamental part of patient safety and wellbeing and is integral to compliance with legislation, regulations and delivering cost effective care within the healthcare system. This programme addresses the role of dental professionals, other healthcare professionals, and carers in safeguarding the welfare of children. 


  • Raise awareness of the nature and scope of ‘vulnerability’ in the context of healthcare
  • Recognise and identify a person who may be a victim of neglect or abuse (including behavioural indicators)
  • Identify and recognise the clinical maxillofacial and oral signs of neglect or abuse and know what to do about it (whistleblowing/reporting)
  • Explain and illustrate the physical and social impact of poor oral health
  • Highlight  the diverse and sometimes obscure reasons for specific oral health problems
  • Enable dentists and DCPs to provide oral health education to carers, ancillary workers, family and friends, including  practical help, support and guidance on oral health routines (general and specific)

Development Outcome: A

Development Outcome: D


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