Star: Stemming the Tide of Antibiotic Resistance
Star: Stemming the Tide of Antibiotic Resistance

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Course Description


To engage medical practitioners in the concept of antibiotic resistance.

Learning content

There is a growing problem with antibiotic resistance, and it’s linked to practice prescribing. It’s not just a threat to public health at some time in the future: unnecessary antibiotics puts individual patients at risk now. STAR: Stemming the Tide of Antibiotic Resistance is a training intervention which focuses on two related topics: antibiotic resistance (and its link with practice prescribing) and practical techniques for improving consultations for common infections.  


To engage medical practitioners in the concept of antibiotic resistance by:

  • Reinforcing the importance of resistance as a public health issue
  • Presenting evidence of  the link between prescribing and resistance
  • Considering their current practice
  • Improving communication with patients about antibiotics, in order to reduce unnecessary prescribing of antibiotics and instigate behaviour change
  • Encouraging reflection about the potential of communication styles to enhance confidence to succeed

Development Outcome: C



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