Special Care Dentistry
Special Care Dentistry

Development Outcome: C

Secondary Development Outcome: A

3.0 h

3.0 Credits


Special Care

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Course Description


To raise awareness of the range of treatment tdental practitioners can realistically offer to a large section of the special care group - dispelling any fears, misunderstandings and prejudices, and focussing on the impact of current legislation on practice.

Learning content

This programme covers the following topics: older people including dementia; physical disabilities including stroke; medical conditions including diabetes; and learning disabilities including autistic spectrum disorders.


Learners will gain an understanding of:

  • The range of treatment they can offer to those who require special care
  • The impact of the Disability Discrimination Act on dental practice
  • The range and spectrum of impairments and disabilities
  • The need to promote the practice of shared care
  • Consent issues
  • The need for accurate medical histories
  • Importance of flexible communication styles

Development Outcome: C

Development Outcome: A


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