Periodontal Therapy (DNNET II vol 2)
Periodontal Therapy (DNNET II vol 2)

Secondary Development Outcome:

1.5 h

1.5 Credits


Dental Nurses

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Course Description


The aim of this module is provide the knowledge needed to help dental nurses assist and support during periodontal treatment. 

Learning content

DNNET II is designed to help training dental nurses and as an update for established nurses. the Periodontal Therapy module includes the topics: the nurse's role; non-surgical peridontal treatment; and surgical periodontal treatment.


  • Describe common periodontal conditions
  • Describe the treatment of periodontal disease
  • List equipment, instruments, materials and medicaments used to treat periodontal disease
  • Recognise the importance of providing close support and assistance to the oral health care team and patients.
  • Pass the 20 minute assessment

Primary Development Outcome: C

Secondary Development Outcome: D


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