New Perspectives on Enamel Erosion: From Diagnosis to Prevention
New Perspectives on Enamel Erosion: From Diagnosis to Prevention

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Erosive Tooth Wear

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Course Description


To provide dental professionals with a detailed understanding of erosive tooth wear, what it is, its causes, and how to diagnose and treat it. This module focuses on enamel erosion.

Learning content

This module is intended to create an understanding of erosion, what causes enamel erosion and how to identify it. This module covers: a clinical perspective on the erosion challenge; the consequences of erosive toothwear; advanced techniques for measuring mineralisation processes; and enamel remineralisation and protection by calcium silicate and phosphate containing products.


  • Understand what enamel is made out of and what is erosion
  • Knowledge of the aetiology and prevalence of erosion
  • Describe the mechanisms of enamel erosion, why and how it happens
  • Being able to recognise enamel erosion
  • Describe best practice for enamel erosion screening and diagnosis
  • Understanding of the REGENERATETM Enamel Science with NR-5TM Technology
  • Be able to recommend products suitable for your patients

Development Outcome: C



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