New Advances in Endodontic Preparation and Re-Treatment
New Advances in Endodontic Preparation and Re-Treatment

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Webinar start:
March 28th 2018 at 7:00pm
Webinar end:
March 28th 2018 at 8:00pm

Course Description


To provide an update on the latest innovative equipment and evidence-based clinical techniques for the preparation and re-treatment of a root canal.

Learning content 

Join Dr. Andrew Powell Cullingford in this webinar sponsored by Kavo and Kerr. This webinar will support learner's to enhance patient outcomes by optimising endodontic procedures and will cover four aspects of modern endo: diagnosis; access; reciprocation; and re-treatment.


  • Provide an update on endodontic diagnosis, and a review of vitality testing techniques including use of the elements unit
  • Assess the best methods of access preparation to maximise efficient radicular shaping
  • Compare reciprocation techniques to analyse the latest protocols to deliver optimum file performance
  • Review some effective re-treatment techniques for the GDP to remove metal posts, retrieval of fractured files and gutta percha

Development Outcome: C  


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About the speaker

Dr Andrew Powell-Cullingford

Dr Powell-Cullingford is a leading expert in endodontics, training centre founder and lecturer. 

Having completed his master’s degree in Endodontics in 1991, Andrew established his endodontic referral practice in Esher, Surrey. He has continuously maintained a close association with the American Association of Endodontics and as an early advocate of nickel-titanium rotary preparation and thermo-plasticised obturation; he founded the Fairoak Endodontic Training Centre to help general practitioners develop these new techniques. He has been closely involved with the integration of the operating microscope in both surgical and non-surgical endodontics. Andrew has lectured worldwide and written numerous articles relating to endodontics, and is a past president of the British Endodontic Society.

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