Monitoring and Maintaining Implants in General Practice
Monitoring and Maintaining Implants in General Practice

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Webinar start:
May 3rd 2017 at 7:00pm
Webinar end:
May 3rd 2017 at 8:00pm

Course Description


To look at monitoring and maintaining of implants in general practice with a view to try and prevent peri-implantitis.  

Learning content 

Join Dr. Ian Dunn in this webinar sponsored by Oral-B. This webinar will discuss Peri-implantitis: what do we know and where are we heading? The webinar will look at how the anatomy of teeth and implants differs and how that may affect peri-implant lesions. It will look at risk factors for peri-implantitis and the best ways to monitor and support implant patients in your practice, including the documentation that you should have for implants that are under your care.


  • Understand the difference between teeth and implants at a biological level
  • Understand the risk factors for Peri-implant disease
  • Understand how to monitor dental implants
  • Understand how to support healthy implant patients in supportive care including practice protocols and novel technologies
  • Be able to diagnose the common peri-implant diseases and understand their management options

Development Outcome: C


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About the speaker

Dr Ian Dunn


BChD MFGDP MSc (Perio) Specialist Periodontist

Ian is a Specialist Periodontist, Senior Clinical Teacher and Teaching Lead in Periodontics at Liverpool University. He spends most of his week in Private practice where takes referrals for all aspects of periodontology and peri-implant problems. 

Ian also lectures around the UK with Phil Ower and the PerioCourses team.

Ian is the British Society of Periodontology Honorary Editor and Webmaster and is also part of their Lecturing Faculty.   

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