Key Skills 3: Team Training
Key Skills 3: Team Training

Development Outcome: B

Secondary Development Outcome: A

1.0 h

1.0 Credits


The Dental Team

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Course Description


This programme is intended to make the learner aware of the processes and protocols needed to identify training needs and to devise Personal Development Plans (PDPs).

Learning content

This module focuses on the processes and protocols needed to devise training plans for the whole practice team and to implement them successfully.


To raise awareness of training needs including:

  • Issues involved with team training
  • Practical application of induction and appraisal procedures
  • Assessment of training needs and planning education of dental team
  • Understanding the roles of all of members of the dental team
  • Employment contracts and equal opportunities

Development Outcome: B

Development Outcome: A


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The FGDP(UK) and Healthcare Learning:Smile-on would like to thank the following individuals for their contribution to the production of this module:

  • Mike Busby, MPhil, BDS, LDS RCS(Eng), DGDP, FDS RCS(Edin).
  • Kathryn Marshall RDN, Cert PDC, Dip DHE.
  • Bob Morgan LDS RCS(Edin), BDS, MFGDP(UK).
  • Anthony Griffin BDS.

We would also like to thank Practice Plan for sponsoring this module.

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