Icon: A Revolution in Dentistry
Icon: A Revolution in Dentistry

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Live Webinar

Restorative Dentistry

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Sponsored by Sponsored by: DMG

Webinar start:
June 5th 2015 at 7:30pm
Webinar end:
June 5th 2015 at 9:00pm

Course Description


To outline the benefits of Icon to your patients and highlight the potential new revenue stream to dental practices.

Learning content 

Join Dr Barry Oulton in this webinar sponsored by DMG. DMG's revolutionary Icon could help change the face of dentistry both in arresting early interdental lesions and in the minimally invasive treatment of white spot lesions. This webinar will outline the benefits of Icon to your patients and highlight the potential new revenue stream to you.


  • To outline Icon, and discuss its application and implementation and the benefits of using this treatment.

Development Outcome: C


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About the speaker

Dr Barry Oulton

Dr Barry Oulton obtained his B.Ch.D from Leeds, the Diploma in Post-Graduate Dental Studies from Bristol and received the highest level ‘Masters’ qualification from the Rosenthal Institute New York and is Senior UK Instructor for Dr Larry Rosenthal both in the UK and USA.

He has gained considerable experience in cosmetic and functional dentistry having completed all levels of the Dawson Institute and lectures for Nti-tss, DMG and Septodont.

Having run his practice in Haslemere for 14 years, Barry has pursued a continued interest in expanding his skills base and experience. This allows him, with the help of his committed team, to provide the highest quality of care accepting referrals for full mouth dentistry, headaches, implants, and functional rehabilitation.

Most recently Barry has set up a CT scan referral scheme, servicing local practices and their patients in having the lowest dose, highest quality CT scans at a competitive price. He is also launching the Surrey Implant Centre in June this year, providing an implant referral clinic and mentorships for local practices.

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