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To help dental professionals understand the importance of good working posture and the impact of their environment in preventing or reducing musculoskeletal pain.

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Dentistry is a very demanding job on the body - lots of twisting and bending, hours sat in a hunched position over patients - it all adds up to the potential for pain and discomfort which can affect your whole life. Healthy Working: an ergonomic approach to dentistry for a pain-less career is an interactive eLearning resource that helps dental professionals identify the main trouble areas for musculoskeletal pain, understand the importance of good working posture in preventing or reducing pain, look at their environment and see ways to improve in-surgery processes and be aware of practical non-surgical ways that they can help themselves relieve or prevent pain and damage.


  • To consider your own pain when working and evaluate your working posture
  • To assess your working environment and be able to identify potential improvements
  • To identify the main areas of the body that can be affected and minimise the impact working in practice can have
  • To consider the use of four-handed dentistry as a viable way of working when treating patients
  • To be aware of non-surgical interventions to help ease, improve or prevent musculoskeletal pain

Development Outcome: C


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Subject matter expert: Martyn Amsel, Dynamic Dentistry.

Supported by: Bambach Saddle Seats, Belmont, Dentists' Provident, Evident, Medifinance, Paradigm Design Solutions, W&H.

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