Furcation Dilemma: To Extract or to Save?
Furcation Dilemma: To Extract or to Save?

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Webinar start:
June 20th 2019 at 6:30pm
Webinar end:
June 20th 2019 at 8:00pm

Course Description

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To help develop the necessary skills needed to improve decision-making skills which are vital for saving/extracting molars with furcation invasion.

Learning content 

Join Professor Flavio Pisani in this webinar which gives an insight into furcation management which taking into consideration the recent advances in regeneration, the availability of new biomaterials and the further knowledge about Implants. Professor Pisani explores the classification of periodontal diseases, tooth mortality in treated and untreated cases, and looks at the comparative consideration between implant and tooth restoration success and survival rates. Diagnostic pathways and long term outcomes of treatment options are also discussed.


To provide participants with  better knowledge and understanding of: 

  • Formulation of Proper Diagnosis,
  • Risk Assessment in Periodontal Treatment,
  • Risks/Benefits of Periodontal Treatments in Furcated Teeth,
  • Risks/benefits of Implant Replacement in Periodontal Patients

Development Outcome: C



About the speaker

Professor Flavio Pisani

BDS, MClinDent, PhD, MScPerio

Professor Pisani holds a MClinDent in Oral Surgery, a MSc in Implant Dentistry and a MClinDent in Periodontology from the SIdP-Italian Society of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry. He completed his PhD in Dentistry in 2008 at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” (Italy).

Flavio has held the position of Full Time Senior Clinical Lecturer in Periodontology at BPP University since 2014 and he passionately leads the MClinDent Programme in Periodontology; he recently undertook the role of Head of Periodontics at the newly established College of Medicine and Dentistry in Birmingham.

Dr. Flavio Pisani has a special interest in the management of periodontal diseases, and advanced treatments of regenerative and root coverage surgery.

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