Digital Diagnosis: From CBCT to Treatment Planning
Digital Diagnosis: From CBCT to Treatment Planning

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September 25th 2018 at 7:00pm
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September 25th 2018 at 8:00pm

Course Description


To facilitate the leaner's ability to enhance patient outcomes by optimising implant procedures by understanding the benefits that CBCT can bring to the accurate placement of implants and the creation of surgical guides.

Learning content 

Join Robin Horton in this webinar sponsored by KaVo Kerr. Digital technology is quickly becoming the standard by which all aspects of dentistry are conducted. This webinar explains how digital data capture through CBCT is providing marked improvements in treatment possibilities, which allows for more precision in the delivery of better care.


  • Understand the benefits of digital technology in dental practice
  • Recognise CBCT as invaluable diagnostic tool
  • Review the benefits of digital planning and 3D visualization
  • Learn how to use NobelClinician as an effective communication tool for patients

Development Outcome: C


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About the speaker

Robin Horton

Robin is the owner of and principal dentist at Wayside Dental Practice. He qualified from the Royal London Hospital in 1990 and went straight into general practice. For the first few years after qualification, he also worked at Bedford Hospital as an SHO in its oral surgery department where he learnt many of the surgical skills he still uses today.

Robin has always been interested in technological advances in dentistry and he was one of the first dentists in the UK to practice laser dentistry. Always endeavouring to be on the cutting edge, he has a Diode and an Erbium laser and uses these daily and always in implant surgery.

Keen to teach his knowledge and skills to others, he is on the Education Committee of the Academy for Laser Dentistry and is again speaking at their annual conference. Robin started placing implants over 10 years ago and has placed around 2000. He started doing guided surgery for some cases about 2 years ago, but now uses guided surgery for almost all of his cases. He has placed over 250 implants using guided surgery.

Robin is a keen sportsman. He rowed for a very successful Royal London crew, competed in Triathlon but now prefers just the road biking part. He also loves watching cricket and Arsenal FC.

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