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Communications 2: Communicating With Your Patients
Communications 2: Communicating With Your Patients

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Course Description

The Communication in Dentistry series is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of effective communication in dentistry. The programme has been designed for the whole dental team and you may like to watch it together to stimulate discussion. It includes authentic examples of how skilful and flexible communication in the workplace, as well as being integral to good patient care, can also go a long way towards reducing or even preventing complaints, legal claims and ultimately, loss of income.

It also illustrates how getting along with your colleagues and patients reduces stress and creates the good working environment that makes going to work an altogether more positive and rewarding experience.

This volume of the programme comprises three modules, which can be bought separately, or as a package of three (modules 1 - 3).

  • Communications 1: Essentials of Communication
  • Communications 2: Communicating With Your Patients
  • Communications 3: Communicating With Your Team


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Course Objectives

The aim of module two is to develop the concepts and principles introduced in module one and to illustrate how they can be used to improve communication and relationships between practice staff and patients.


The objectives are to enable the learner to:


  • Create a positive first impression
  • Manage difficult patients and situations
  • Adopt flexible communication styles
  • Influence behaviour change (oral hygiene, smoking, etc)
  • Adopt assertive strategies where appropriate
  • Convey sympathy, empathy, caring
  • Influence perceptions of cost and value
  • Improve the consent process
  • Discuss money issues clearly with patients
  • Accurately record relevant conversations and agreements
  • Conclude interactions on a positive note.

Primary Development Outcome: A

Secondary Development Outcome: D

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