Clinical Photography
Clinical Photography

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Course Description

Clinical photographs are an invaluable part of any risk management toolkit and they help to take clinical record keeping to a new level.

Healthcare Learning: Smile-on, in conjunction with Dr Christopher Orr and the support of Dental Protection Ltd, have developed this interactive learning programme to give all dental practitioners the knowledge and skills to create consistent and high quality clinical photographs.

Photographic records are necessary if we are to measure and track changes over time. Orthodontics, periodontal treatment and the screening of unusual oral and facial lesions are just examples of situations where the value of monitoring the appearance of the soft tissues is self evident.



To provide dentists, oral surgeons and laboratory technicians with a practical understanding of the operation of a digital camera and its use in dentistry.

Learning content

This programme will provide an understanding of how the addition of clinical photographs to one's clinical records can improve the quality of patient care, facilitate clinical decision making, enhance communication and protect the dentist's position medico-legally at the same time.


To gain knowledge of:

  • How a digital camera functions
  • The role of the camera in dentistry
  • Selection and setup of digital camera equipment
  • How to use a digital camera in clinical situations
  • The view sets required for any new patient consultation, or consistent record keeping for cosmetic dentistry, facial aesthetics, laboratory work, orthodontics, orthognathic surgery, periodontology and prosthodontics
  • The storage of digital images

Primary Development Outcome: C


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