Bloodstream Infections (BSI) - Session 1: MRSA
Bloodstream Infections (BSI) - Session 1: MRSA

Development Outcome: C

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Sepsis Awareness

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Course Description


This programme is part one in a series of five which aims to explore the different pathogens responsible for causing bloodstream infections and how these should be managed.

Learning Content

Bloodstream infections (BSI) are the largest, most notable cause of sepsis, a whole-body inflammatory response to pathogenic infection. Every year in the UK, there are up to 100,000 cases of BSI identified with the aid of tests done in microbiology laboratories – about 15,000 of these patients die. This programme utilises a video patient case study depicting MRSA presentation and subsequent actions of clinical staff. Appropriate use of antimicrobial chemotherapy and factors affecting patient outcomes such as age, severity and co-morbidity are also explored as well as multi-drug resistance.


Once you have completed the programme you should:

  • Have a better understanding of diagnostic techniques for bloodstream infection
  • Be familiar with treatment regimens
  • Be aware of the latest data surrounding the outcomes
  • Have an improved awareness in the importance of a quick diagnosis and appropriate therapy

Development Outcome: C

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